Military and Law enforcement

Lyreguard – The most elite defenders of Bard’s Gate, led by Imril. Famous for breeding and riding griffins.

Free defenders – The main bulk of the city’s defenders are young volunteers. Despite their age most have seen their fare share of fighting as the areas north of the city tend to be infested with various monsters.

Gatesmen – Second only to the Lyreguard, the gatesmen are not the run of the mill corrupt city guards you are used to in other cities. Very few have ever been caught taking bribes.

The Wall Watchers – More scouts than soldiers, responsible for alerting the other forces of any trouble inside or outside the city. Day and night.

Sheriffs – The more well funded of the two law enforcement groups in the city, mainly because they have the favor of the nobility. The chief constable is almost always a nobleman.

Constables – The less fortunate law enforcers tasked with investigating crimes and corruption, but woefully underfunded.

Military and Law enforcement

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