Bard’s Gate – City of a Thousand Gods (And Guilds)

In the late afternoon a small caravan came wandering along the well trotted road to Bard’s Gate. The sun was setting over the fields and small groves of oaks and in the distance one could see the silhouette of the city outlined against the orange sky.

You, the caravan’s guards, were weary after nearly a month on the road and looked forward to the comforts and security of a city. And your salary, that you would receive once the cart rolled up by the weavers’ guild’s warehouse.

Unfortunately, that never happened. Out of nowhere a band of bandits showed up, attacked the caravan, killing your friend and kidnapping the merchant you were escorting – along with the cart and all your possessions, more or less. Now you find yourselves stranded in this city, without money or employment, and little hope of ever seeing the hefty salary you were promised…

Stranded in Bard's Gate

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